Nothing less than the definition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens.


Does the world need more eyewear? Probably not. But we — racing-oriented high performance cyclists – do.
The ASSOS Werksmannschaft, our in-house product development pro team and, in essence, our product engineers, feels that the currently available generic sports glasses could be improved to meet the specific demands of the toughest sport in the world: Cycling.


ASSOS is not an eyewear company. We are a cycling body R&D + refinement laboratory. At ASSOS we understand cycling and focus exclusively on cycling. We do not produce multi-sports items, nor do we engineer our products for use in other sports. And we never give in to the temptation of increasing sales by broadening our focus.
It is this “exclude-all-other-uses” engineering approach that we applied when we started to develop the first cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection four years ago.